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April 22, 2023
Bags of Trash:
The turnout of youth for this year's Earth Day was simply amazing! Truly, the turnout of all volunteers exceeded our expectations.

Love D7 Day attracted residents from across the district. We are very proud of the Jones Valley Middle School students and Green Acres' cheerleaders and football team, who led the pack with their large turnout and enthusiastic spirits. Prosper's CCAB group was very impactful in the Fountain Heights Neighborhood. They adjusted to navigating their routes once they noticed some had already been cleaned. The staff at Jones Valley Middle School and Fountain Heights graciously offered their facilities for our use during the cleanup.

Altogether, we are thankful to have held two cleanups, simultaneously, in two different neighborhoods. With the help of our committed volunteers and partners, we were able to demonstrate the beauty we can enhance in our communities when we come together to work in unison.

Again, thanks to all who took the time to make our Earth Day Celebration a success!

Here is a full list of groups who contributed to the cleanup: Jones Valley Middle School Staff & Students, Green Acres' Cheerleaders & Football Team, Prosper's CCAB, Woke Vote, Blight Busters, Girl Scouts, Outlaws Night Life, AKAs and our wonderful Neighborhood Association Officers.


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